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Dear Father
Well I have been going my hardest trying to answer my Aust mail still have a few to do but shall get through them eventually. There is no need to say I am still going strong. You will have seen in the papers that we are out for a good spell. As usual we are given great praise for the work done while in the line. Up to the present I havent been abel to hunt Hewitt up haven't seen anything of the Batn since coming out but shall look him up the first chance I have. Havent seen anything of Harold Arnold since coming back this way. But dare say I shall see him again shortly. I am pleased to hear Bert is keeping so well he should be about due for exchange to Holand now shouldent he. I havent heard from him for some time now. The winter is getting near again the mornings are pretty cold particularly on the hands &amp: feet But if this winter isent any worse than the last I dare say we shall get through it alright sincerely hope it isent a repartition of the winter of 1916.
Well the war news is a little brighter now than it was a few months back isent it. All across here are in great spirit particularly the civilians they all say war soon finish now. It is certainly getting nearer the end now.But it remains to be

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