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seen whether Germany is hard pressed enough to accept the terms they are likely to give her. About next spring will fix things if Kaiser Bill doesent throw the towel in before. Hughes is very comforting he says it is going to take a couple of years to get the AI F back. He is making arrangements for those that wish to get employment in some of the large factories across in England while they are waiting. It wouldent be bad but I would far sooner get back to Aust Again as soon as possible. Aunt Jen said in her last letter Jack had won the M.C. so there would be one decoration in the Giles family. I also had a letter from Aunt Kate in the last mail. She doesent appear to be settling to the new home in Brisbane at all. I have been made cpl once more only temporary at present but dare say shall have it confirmed if I can last long enough This is the third time but before have been wounded before I had it confirmed may have more luck this time we shall hope so at all events. We are having rather a good time at present are camped near a decent town &amp: can get in pretty often. Two passes are allowed a day to each section. Of coarse others can go in if they care to take the risk of being caught without a pass. Needless to say there are a good many that take the risk. There are two concert halls going in the place so one can put in the evening very nicely also other houses of amusement there

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