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as I am free. We are to meet the Warrens tomorrow Saturday in Cairo have a look around. Well I thought I had seen nearly everything in these places but am always seeing something fresh. Will have to keep it until I return will be abel to describe every thing much better. I think we are to be stationed here during the winter that is as far as we know. From accounts here it is very cold at Gallopoli just now. There are a fair number coming back with frost bite. So the sheep skin vests wont be amiss should we go up before the winter is over. The live stock have quietened down since we arrived in this camp.I am very pleased to say although we feel rather lonely without them one man said he finds it hard to sleep without them. I haven't seen anything of Reg Gibsonyet cant find out where he is. The Egyptian Barrocks are just over from our camp here, It is rather amusing to see them out teaching their buglers & side drummers. They make sure of their being thoroughly taught. If one makes a mistake the teacher cracks him over the hands with a strap if that hasent the desired effect they get it over the head. I can picture the Australian being treated the same way

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