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Of coarse it was known. The Allies were only trying to draw the Germans from their own territory. But there will still be some hard fighting to be done when they get back their own ground. They will have the protection of their forts then. I would like to see the two fleets get at it. Although it won't be too healthy for we lot going across if they do come out & get split up. Oh well it is all in the game. I don't think we have much to be afraid of. I am glad to hear Bert's boat has started on her run again. There is one thing I could do with Father that is the washing I left behind. I suppose Bert would leave it with H Dodd. I will ask one of the boys on the "Manuka" if he will bring them across for me. Then if we have sailed he could take them back again. Will you ask Les to see if Harry has it to take it to the Manuka. Ask for Maxwell & let him know where to leave it on return in the event of our having gone from here. I have bought some more white suits but one can't have too many especially on a run like this. We won't see land for sixty days they say. The speed fixed for going across is only eleven knots an hour. A couple of the boats are

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