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to be represented in each event. We came second in the squad &amp: rifle drill. We havint heard yet how we fared on the day. I was picked for the squad &amp: rifle drill also for tent pitching. Had to drop one at the last as couldint attend both so struck to the tent pitching. Six men to a team. We had our tents folded &amp: in the bag also pegs &amp: mallets in with the tent then the whole laced up on the firing of a pistol we had to untie our bags &amp: pitch the tent then fall in in front of the tent. The time given was four minutes. The pistol was to be fired again then We had our tent up &amp: the four guy ropes fixed when one peg gave way &amp: she collapsed. There was a general laugh when it fell. We upended it again pegged her down &amp: had our spare pegs picked up &amp: in the bag &amp: bag inside the tent &amp: fell in again before any of the rest had finished. Needless to say we won easily. The time for pitching was three minutes fourty five seconds. Then we had to strike tents. We had ours down folded &amp: laced &amp: on our sholders to carry away in fourty five seconds. So the crowd laughed a bit too soon. We were given a great cheer as we marched off with out tent.
We had our tent away to our lines &amp: were back when the last team were just leaving the ground. I can tell you we have made a name for ourselves. This comp also won the 220 yards champshp

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