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France 4.7.17

Dear Father
I have received quite a budget of letters from you lately. Some that have been collecting while I was in hospital & have been following me around. We are still out of the line spelling & there isn't any word as to when we go in again. I dare say we shall have our turn again shortly. There are all kinds of rumors afloat but cant tell you what they are. We were told we would be put into something pretty warm. Have made a name now & have to live up to it. This brigade has the name now of being second to nothing in France & that we shall be put into the warmer corner that can be found. A case of while you hold the bell have to live to live up to it. Just like a prize fighter. The cherries are getting ripe across here now. Needless to say we are getting our share of them. I am afraid the French will be glad when the season is over they will have peace then. We moved into a fresh village a couple of days ago. Needless to say it wasint long before the crowd were out scouting. There were about fourty up a couple of trees. The Frenchie saw them & charged with a pitch folk but it wasint any use the crowd weren't to be bluffed. They stripped the trees before they left. I have made out a fresh will father so if I should come to grief the will is with our

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