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out of work in Sydney. It won't surprise me in the least if these troops don't go at all. All the boats are ready now to sail. Have only the men & horses to get aboard now. They say twenty four hours notice & they can get under way. There have been a few boats lost lately havent there. Oh well it can only be expected. The way the mines have been laid.
We are to leave the wharf tomorrow and lay out in the stream until we are wanted. There was a farewell luncheon given on board here last Tuesday will send one of the Menues along. They are very stylish.
Well how have things being across there since I left well I hope. I haven't had any letters since arrival here. Couldent say where to write to as we dident know when we were to leave here. I think I must be getting used to the wind & cold here don't notice it at all now. Well Father there is absolutely nothing to tell you. To go about the town one wouldent think there was anything unusual going on. Except that the crews of the transport boats take posesionposession of the town at ten o'clock each night. That is when the hotels close. It is very amusing to see half a dozen walking down the middle of the main street singing at the top of their voices. No one interferes with them. They are allowed to do just as they like. I have seen more drunken men here in the three weeks than I have ever seen. Don't think N.Z will ever get over it. As they are such holy joes. National prohibition will go through flying next election I should say after this.

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