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Dear Father

Havint written lately as we have been on the move. Are now on the same front as H Arnold so may meet him one of these days now. Am in the same billets as when we first landed in France. But things have livened up here since we were here last according to the guns etc so far we havent been in the front line but I dare say some of these days we shall find our selves going up to have another look at our old front. I must say I am not at all sorry to be away from the Somme. It holds too many sad recollections for the majority of us now. We were never beaten while there certainly but paid pretty dearly for all we took. Not that this end of the line isent just as bad now but we shall all go in hard with a lighter heart. We seemed to know the other front that well nearly knew where the shells would fall. I think I told you we had a Memorial service at Poziers before leaving to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the taking of Poziers by the Australians. Recognised as the hardest fight the Australians have had so far. There is a large wooden cross erected with a shield on it bearing the names of all that fell there.

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