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The centre ring had to be filled with a coin I put half a Piastre but that wasent any good it took two to do it, well I thought here goes to see this thing out at any cost. Well they evidently have the one thing to work on as I had heard others speaking about having their fortune told. What I was told was pretty well the same. Then came the getting down from this place well don't mind admitting I told myself I was a damed fool to have come up. But I got down again alright. had hardly touched the floor when there were a couple of youngsters with a jar of water. Would you like a drink no well wash your hand's but I decided I didint mind a bit of dirt. I was thinking about the hat & boots had forgotten them up to this. Well we hadent gone far when I had my hat thrust into my face that cost half a Piastre. Then was speculating as to whether it was mine of coarse it was too dark to see. I tried it on & it fitted so I was satisfied well when I got into the light found the hat belonged me alright; Then came the boot's another Piastre for them. Well I had to see the Pyra     Sphinx. That would

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