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hear from me for some time after we leave Wellington. Not before we reach the port we are to land the troops at. No one knows where that will be as yet. There is one thing I will see a bit more of the world before we get back. I want to see England when I have done that I will be content to try for something ashore &amp: settle down but not until I do. Failing this boat I will come straight back to Sydney &amp: wait for the third Expeditionary to be formed & join that. That is the force I belong to. There is one thing I am determined to get there. I don't care how I do it. I wrote Gran on Sunday. It will be a bit of a shock to her I am afraid. I didn't think to tell her if she wrote straight to Wellington Post Office I may get her letter before we sail. I have heard the 28th is the day fixed for us to leave there. Now Father don't worry about me I am not afraid of what may be ahead of me. I also know the risk I am taking. Am not running into this without thinking it all out. Did that between Wellington & Melbourne. There was one of the young fellows that are guarding the Power house alongside of us has got shot in the leg this morning. His mate was fooling about with his rifle &amp: blew the calf off his leg near off. It is wonderful what things are allowed a rifle they seem to think it a toy. No more Father now cheer up I am looking forward to going also to the day of return. Love to all always yours Clyde

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