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his letter was written in Nov. I think. I dident get it until the 9th Dec. He said he was coming across on leave &amp: asked me to write &amp: let him know my movements as he would like to see me while he was across. It was also agreed we were both going to his some people in Ireland if we could get leave together.Dont know if they were his relations or not. Well I wrote straight back when I received his letter but got no answer heard nothing more of him until I received your letter last night. So now I have written the N.Z. Base records for farther detail if they can give me any. So now you know all I know. Bob gave me the address of a Mrs S.A.Timpany "Supreme Court Hotel" Queenstown, Otago N.Z. &amp: asked me to write her in the event of his being killed I don't know if she is a relation or not. I am in a bit of a puzzle to know just what to do. But should you get any thing else from N.Z. you will know what the strength of the thing is that is as far as I can tell. I will leave it to you to do what you think best. Write the Trustees &amp: see what the will contains or let things go. It is very awkward as I am so far away. The name he enlisted under was R.H. Sloane &amp: that was the name he said to give this Miss Timpany. This reads a bit like a penny dreadful doesent it. I shall get what information I can about his death across here then should any one want any further particulars shall be abel to let them know all I know

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