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be as Mrs Buggie said you shall be abel to start one once there. But you cant get the colours & the variety there you could get in Egypt could you I shall see what I can do at all events. Nurse Smithers is very indignant as some of the men returning from France have called at Egypt on their way out. Cold fools. She says she thinks it very unjust I shall have to console her somehow. We are having splendid weather here now a treat to be in the sun. All I want is to get away before the winter sets on again. Harry.Cross is still in London if he has any sense will stay there. I wish I had half his luck.That is the living in London. Not the married part of it. Oh no I have a young lady in Birmingham. Have been writing to her. Oh its too funny for words havent seen her yet but from the letters am afraid I shall be married by proxy. It is a friend of Mrs Crosses the young lady she says she is going to see me married to. She sends me cigarettes so will do me. Have just witnessed another very good go. Fritz sent a plane across to set fire to some of our Baloons He opened on one just close to where we are. The observer came out with his parachute at the [indecipherable] Just then a squadron of our planes arrived behind him. Fritz saw the game was up so made for another baloon. The observer came from the second at the double also. The three are swinging in the air now coming down our fellows have finished Fritz also one plane just dived on him & Fritz came straight to the ground

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