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Germany where they had been prisoners they arent looking very well. When particularly the soldiers poor devils look as though they have been starved needless to say Fritz has cleared the villages out pretty well. All the houses cattle etc have been taken. The Military are feeding the civilians as they go through. It is wonderful the way the Germans have got all their stuff away haven't left much behind them. We have been very fortunate up to date have had splendid weather no rain to speak of &amp: the day nice &amp: cool. I met Frank Giles at the village we were in before starting the march. he hunted me up. Frank looks rather thin I thought but well enough. Well Father can only write a short note as I want to be sure of getting this posted. At present we are having a spell. I may be on the march again in a day or two. No one knows how long the stay is to be so no more at present love &amp: best of wishes
Your sincere son Clyde

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