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more I have to write to. It isent any use shall have to get a private secretary to do some of my letters for me. You say at the time of writing war news was very scarce in the papers. Oh well you know there is always a lull before a storm before this reaches you the papers will be full enough I guarantee enough said but Australia will be there again &amp: I dare say I shall be picked as an emergency. There isent any talk as yet about my going across but have finished my training here &amp: passed all tests flying but don't know whether the Batn has granted the transfer yet. According to letters I get from my old company they are expecting me back with them any day. I should worry where I am put have missed the winter in France that is the main thing. At present am waiting for a court martial to come of as I am a witness on it. A Cpl in this company was warned to mount with the guard last Sunday. On Saturday afternoon he went to Nottingham didn't return until Monday morning. I happened to be in charge of the hut he belonged to&amp: marked him as absent so have to go as witness to his being awol. There are two charges absent &amp: failing (3)

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