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Then there are two fine tennis courts. Golf links & croqut ground also a fishing pond full of fish. These are all open to us. Everything you want provided. In addition there is a deer park & partridge covets. Also a very fine stable of horses & pack of hounds. It is a regular gentleman's home. Mr Harrison & family have given the house over to the patients. They live in part a few rooms at one end. We are allowed to go where we please & do practically what we please. But everyone has to be back to meals that is a hard & fast rule. On arrival here you are examined by the family Dr. Then you are weighed your weight is put down on your board. Then each week while here your weight is taken to see how much weight you have put on. I have often heard of ducks fowls etc being stuffed with food to fatten them. Well it seems to be the same principle here. You have breakfast at eight usually fish or eggs. Then at half past ten they have what they call lunch. This is bread & cheese & a cup of fresh milk. At one o'clock you have a hot dinner. At half past four is tea then half past seven supper. This is cold meat & salad. Also some kind of milk pudding. The rule is all to be indoors at half past eight. Bed at half past nine lights out at ten. On going to your bedroom you find a cup of fresh milk. I am afraid it will come pretty hard when we have to face bully beef & biscuits again. All that come here are bound to stay for a month. You go back to the hospital then for examination by the Dr there & are marked fit or unfit for duty. You are given your leave from then. I believe we Australians get from two to three weeks leave

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