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Hindcott Camp

Dear Father
I havint cabled you this time to say I am convalescent. The
Authorities will have done that. Funds wont allow any expensis like that this time. Have been wondering if the letter I wrote asking you to get the Bank to transfer some money across here to the commonwealth reached you. Have written a couple of letters to the bank asking if any money has been sent across for me. But so far havint received any answer from them. Shall be getting my furlough any day now. Shall call at the Commonwealth Bank if there isent any money there. Well shall just have to cut my furlough down to suit the pocket. We all given fourteen days after coming from Hsptl. The Arm has quite healed now. But doesent feel too good yet. I am afraid it is going to break out again. As the wound feels very sore. The arm is still swollen & mustlis all down the back of the arm feel numb. Was very close to an (Australia) I can tell you. I am sorry it dident fix the arm.Have had just about enough of war

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