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I also want to get to Cairo to have a look around it in the daytime. Cairo by night hasint any attraction for me. Know a little too much about these towns for an to take any risks. There will be some older & wiser Australians here before long judging by the way some of them are going. We have been out for a couple of short route marches since we arrived. I enjoyed them. We are taken out among the corn fields. The roads are very well made & they have trees growing on either side so it makes it fairly cool. The only thing is when you pass through some of the native villages. Well you wish you hadent any sense of smell. The flies here are the limit. You can't lay down or have a meal in peace. When one sees the amount of filth about everywhere you don't appreciate the brutes crawling about your food. I haven't enjoyed a meal since we arrived here always fancy I can taste & smell nigger on everything don't think it is all imagination either. Our O.C is making up a party out of our company. To go out for the day next Sunday. I don't know where it is intended to go. Every where about is fresh so should be interesting. I am looking forward to getting a letter to know what Bert is doing. I wish he were here with me. N.Tayt had a pretty rough time of it coming across on the boat he caught Pneumonia coming across. Was in the hospital until about three days before we landed. They were very near putting him off at Albany. I saw him the morning we landed he said he was to stay at the convalescent hospital at Suez. To give him a chance to pull himself together a bit. He looked very thin on it too. Said he had had a pretty rough time of it & he

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