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great mates ever since I joined the Batt. Poor chap had only got his comission in Aug just before I was wounded. You have often heard of the Germens cruelty father well I heard of a case the other day. A few of our fellows were burying the dead & they came across an English officer & a Private together. They had their hamstrings cut & had been strangled to death with a piece of wire around their necks. That is no new paper tale but the truth. We have advanced a good way lately the Germens fell back whatever the move they gained nothing by it. Well the weather is getting a bit warmer over here now. The snow has melted & the days are much warmer when the sun comes out. Of coarse we have the mud again now but every day brings closer to the spring. Of coarse it will be out of the pan into the fire. With the dry weather the fighting will start again. Oh well the quicker we get at it the better we want to get this job over this spring

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