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of sight before it broke day as the planes would see us & then good bye nurse. Well we dug like a man can when under fire. We were all fixed up just as day broke. We lay low all day until two o'clock on the Thursday morning. Then we started up to the line. We were shelled all the way up. Also caught by M Gun fire at different times. Well we reached the front line at last climbed over it & took our places out in front in shell holes. There was another Batt just in front of us they were to take the first objective then we were to pass over them & go for the second which was just over the crest of the hill. The ground all the way was in a frightful condition all shell holes & filled with water. You used to go down to the knees in places in mud. Right across to the foot of the hill was the same. Well our attack was timed for six o'clock in the morning we got to our place ready about four. Well to add to the party it started to rain. Oh goodness wasent it cold we were nearly frozen.Well about five o'clock the Germens put over a barrage right along the line where we were laying.Well I don't know yet what effect it had I know the shells were dropping very cose to where I had my section. I was hit fair in centre of the back by a large piece of shell

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