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at the doorway & he would look after them. After considering the situation I left him very reluctantly I must admit. Well we started. It is only a very narrow passage way leading in & very low roof the floor also goes down very steep. Well I saw leaving the boots was rather a good aggument was just settling that question when I bumped my head off went the hat. I stooped to pick it us but there wasent any need there was a boy right there he would take care of it Oh yes could be trusteed. I must admit I was wondering what I would look like going back to camp hatless & bootless. I forgot to say the guide was ahead with a candle the light of which he shielded from me by his carcase. Well as I said I found one wanted to be without boots the floor sloped at a steep angle & to add to this is as smooth as glass from constant walking over. There are holes cut here & there for your foot to slip into other wise one would just have to sit down & you would stop at the first turn off. After going down some distance you start to go up at just as steep an angle as you came down. It was jolly hard work getting along. Well

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