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after I left them on the 4th oct. I can tell you it makes one feel pleased at receiving a letter like the one I received yesterday. As they were all new men I had trained them all myself. It is some satisfaction to hear they want you to take charge of them again. But I wont go back if I can help it. There are too many new faces there now. Will make a fresh start in another unit. My transfer hasint been granted so far. He said things were not too bad across there. Not a patch on the winter before from all accounts said they had been in a very quiet place but things were beginning to liven up a bit the last few days. I dare say if this weather keeps up there will be something doing. I received a letter during the week from Nurse Hetherinton she said she had heard one of the Warren boys had been killed &amp: the other seriously wounded. It must have been a shock to their people when the news went through. Oh well you are better off than that. There is sure to be one of your two return so that isent a bad percentage. I don't think it a good idea for two brothers to be in the same unit for more reasons than one. I am sorry to hear Gran hasent been too well I must write her. Havent had a letter from Cobbora for some time now. I am afraid you are going to stir up trouble across there for me. Giving me to so many girls

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