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There's an isolated, desolated spot I'd like to mention
Where all you hear is "Stand at ease," "Slope Arms,"
"Quick March," "Attention."
It's miles away from anywhere, by Gad, it is a rum'un
A chap lived there for fifty years and never saw a woman

There are lots of little huts, all dotted here and there
For those who have to live inside, I've offered many a
Inside the huts there's RATS as big as any nanny goat
Last night a soldier saw one trying on his overcoat

It's sludge up to the eyebrows, you get it in your ears,
But into it you've got to go, without a sign of fear,
And when you've had a bath of sludge, you just set to and
And get cleaned up for next Parade, or else, its "Orderly Room".

Week in, week out, from morn till night, with full pack an
A rifle
Like Jack and Jill, you climb the hills, of course that's just
A trifle.
"Slope Arms," "Fix Bayonets",then "Present" they
fairly put you through it,
And as you stagger to your Hut, the Sergeant, shouts "Jump to it".

With tunics, boots and putties off, you quickly get the habit,
You gallop up and down the hills just like a blooming rabbit,
"Head backward bend," "Arms upward stretch," "Heels
raise." Then "Ranks change places."
And later on they make you put your kneecaps where your face is.

Now when this war is over and we've captured Kaiser Billy,
To shoot him would be merciful and absolutely silly. Just send him down to Sutton Veny, there among the Rats
And Clay.
And I'll bet he won't be long before he droops and fades away


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By Cash
20 shillings
Signed by W.Purdy

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