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after this my arm was useless. I walked out.Oh Fritz was playing a devils tatoo all over the place dont know how I missed another knock. There was just one long stream of wounded &amp: prisoners passing back &amp: forwards well Fritz had skittled a few men &amp: horses in here again. They have to use the mules &amp: horses to carry ammunition up to the guns.Well I got out safely &amp: reached the dressing station. Was bound up &amp: labelled direct for Blighty. They were afraid of Hemorage setting in in the arm. Well that is over now I think Have been having hot foments on every hour for the past few days. &amp: am still having them But the swelling is going down now &amp: can move the arm. There is still a big discharge from the wound but that is only natural. I had a letter from Mrs Titterington the night before going over the top she said she had received a letter from you. I wrote her since coming here she answered it this morning. Has told me to consider her house home while in England. Is sending me some fruit etc down. What do you think I hadent any stamps money either so just posted the letter anyhow. We are allowed to do that in the A.I.F.

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