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to prevent it spreading. There isn't any news as to when we are to get our final leave. The pay corporal is busy on his books says he is to have every thing fixed before the 23rd so it seems as though that is the date fixed for our sailing. I am putting in for the week end leave this week. I tried to get the evening of this evening but they wouldn't let me go. Said if I left the lines others would also want to get away. Did very well at the range today. Tired & all as I felt. Had to keep walking about to keep awake. There was one thing I wanted to ask you to do for me father. When you are paying Miss Smith give her a £1 for me. I dident offer to pay her for the four day's I was there. I thought she would only refuse it. If you give it to her for me she may accept. I will give it to you on Saturday when I come down. I don't like going there to stay & not pay her. Living isent at its cheapest now. I would feel more contented if I knew she was getting something. I don't like to offer payment. You don't know how she would take it. Sydney would be pretty deadly if it were not for Marshall street. Well Father I am dead beat. Will go to bed have two more early call's yet. Love & best wishes to all
your sincere Son

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