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killed or something.About Bert's pay. I think you will find his pay would be stopped when he was taken prisoner. But if the Savings Bank will send the money across to the Commonwealth in England. I shall be abel to fix him up with what he wants. It is no use trying to get money in the pay book. 40 francs a fortnight doesn't go very far. Of coarse it is enough while across here but one wants something if they get across to England. I am about due for four days leave to ( Paris) but wont be abel to go as I haven't the money in my pay book. I have been back in France nearly 12 months now. My leave should come in November so it will be plenty of time to get the money across the Bank can changecabel it across then stop the cost of cable from bank book. Give them my reg no 2837 L.cpl & Batt no need for company. I think I told you before leaving Sydney. Will you get some of my photos

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