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office &amp: says there isint any talk of his being sent back yet. I fancy his eyesight is the trouble. Oh well good luck to him it isent a bad place to be Although things aren't too bad across here during the Summer. Well we are drawing near the end of the Summer now the nights are beginning to get cold now But it doesnt get too bad here until about November then the cold weather sets in in earnest. Well you will have seen all about the stunt we are on at present. Things have gone very well with us up to date &amp: Fritz has found it is one thing to take ground another to hold it. We have been on it since the start. It has been a great stunt I can tell you very different to the old style of trench warfare when you just stood opposite each other until there was a move on then went for a couple of thous yards &amp: took a bit of high ground that was covered with barb wire &amp: Mach guns. This has developed into some open fighting you are in the front line tonight tomorrow night the line is a couple of miles or more from you. Oh it will do me our casualities have been very light they say &amp: I think it is true judging by what I have seen That is for the advances we have made on going over the ground you see very few laying about certainly there arent many Fritz either but the prisoners come in fairly thick The last stunt we were in just recently. We were doing barrage work well the barrage had hardly started when we looked across &amp: saw prisoners

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