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things couldent have been better. it started to rain a couple of days ago but it dident last long Just enough to lay the dust. It has been quite a change as usually when we had an offensive it started to rain &amp: one wanted a boat to reach Fritzes line our turn must be coming Fritz has had his day. The Yanks are in the line but not to any great extent. But they are proving good men in the line so by the next spring they should be ready to take full charge of their own sector. Our casualities have been very slight up to date.One sees very few men laying across the field. Certainly the Germens aren't laying very thick either but the prisoners are coming in a great No. The other morning we were doing a stunt. The barrage had hardly opened when the prisoners started to come back looked as though they were just waiting for the music to start then they started for the rear. There were a couple more of the old boys killed in the stunt that is pals of Haining &amp: mine. I shall soon be the only one left of the crowd. I received a letter from Miss Smith a little while ago so shall have to try &amp: find some thing to write her about. I have a few more things to send across to you as soon as I can get them tied up &amp: censored. I haven't had any word from Bert for ages now but dare say shall get a note one of these days. I am enclosing a stamp in this letter. One of our fellows found a small book of them in a
Germen pack.

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