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couldent make out what he was talking about all we could understand was Australia mentioned couple of times. The church was packed a good many of us had to stand during the service. Only Australian present. Well it is going to be pretty hard now for the next few stunts we are in here. One will be thinking how unlucky should they get cracked for going through life to date. But some one has to tickle the Kaisers whiskers to show him the game is up so there is nothing for it but to just get on &and: trust to luck you out of it again. I am confident my usual luck will stick to me I wonder if the prisoners of war now in Germany will be sent to England or dispatched to the different countries from Holland. Wouldent it be great if I could only meet Bert across here for both of us to get home on the same boat. I had to smile at Miss Smith having to pay the tax. I dare say it will have a tendency to make the girls want to get married to escape it. Yes I suppose the taxes we shall all have to pay will be pretty stiff. Oh well it is a case of pay & work pleasant I suppose. I shall be on the look out for them when they come. ( Sgt Edwards &and: the others I mean). There is no doubt he has had more than his share of trouble during this war. Oh well it is to be hoped it is all over before he gets across again. I had a letter from Haining by this mail. Also poor beggar he has had

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