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rougher than we have had up to now well we are very well off. I received fifteen letters & cards yesterday. The parcels havin come along yet. Have only received one so far. I dare say they will turn up later on. It is a pretty tall order fixing letter &amp: parcels up for all of the Batts. We get everything all in good time. I havent had any word from Roy so far am glad to hear they are both keeping well I have some numerals here I am sending across to you the first chance I get. The girls can make hat pins out of them. We have found out it does rain in Egypt sometimes. Have had a fair amount here lately Showers it doesn't pelt down the same as in N S Wales still it is heavy enough. The weather here is very changable some days are splendid just like our spring weather. Then you will get a cold wind that goes clean through you.Taking things all round we haven't anything to complain of. You say the flies are pretty bad in Sydney Well we aren't troubled with either flies or fleas but we have lice they keep one occupied. You are never stuck for something to do if time drags a bit you can always take your shirt off &amp: have a big game hunt. It keeps ones mind occupied that is one thing. All letters from Sydney complain of the heat &amp: fires. I have one letter from Gran things are pretty dry up there. Are watering stock from the well again that doisent speak too well does it.

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