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our equipment out. Of coarse we had the consolation of knowing the Germens were faring the same as we were. We had no line was just isolated posts here &amp: there in short pieces of trenches. It was very easy to walk across the line &amp: not know it. A couple of German ration parties at different time brought us Fritz rations.had missed their own posts. But you couldent realize how things were unless you saw it all. Well I have seen all the fellows that came across with me out. Am about the only one of the 9th left all the others have either been killed or wounded &amp: gone or are going back to Australia so dare say my turn will come one of these days. Well I think you are a nice one to get married &amp: not even send me my sister in Laws photo. I heard of your marriage from Father wrote you at the time but my letter hasent reached you apparently. I think you have shown your good sense to get married &amp: settle down. There isent much comfort boarding is there. I hope to be abel to congratulate you personally one of these days. You will remember Harry Cross. Came from England to Lunns related to then. Well he has been married across here lately to his old sweetheart. I met them both while on

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