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I had a letter from aunty Nell by this mail. They hadent been home long when it was written she said things were looking very bad up there. The paddocks are as bare as 1902 so that doesint speak too well for the winter unless they have had a good fall of rain since. It isn't a very nice thing to have to pull off his coat and start skinning sheep just after having a holiday. I know I used to feel very collar proud for awhile. Aunt also said uncle Doc was going to Dubbo to try & pass for active service. He is going to sell Munnell. Aunt said she thought he would sell the place whether he passed or not & would buy a house in Sydney.Of coarse it is very easy to guess where the shoe is pinching. It is a case of the wife wants to get to Sydney. She evidently wants to go into society along with Uncle Tom's wife. They are a pretty good pair those two. It is a pity two houses are spoilt with them. If she gets her way she will soon make a hole in the banking account. I hope myself Munnell isent sold Uncle Doc would never settle to a town life so he wont get anything better than what he has wherever he goes. It seems a pity after all he has spent on that place & the home he has to think he has allowed his wife to talk him into selling. I feel certain that is who is at the bottom of it, I had a letter from Mrs Spring a little while ago she said Uncle hadint been to Cobbora as he had promised had been having trouble with the

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