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if he was in that mess up at Saily & got wounded. They the 53rd which I think he is attached to was practically wiped out. I have heard. You say he will be glad to be away from Egypt.Yes & France too if he has had a go at Fritz. On the Somme things were very lively there I can tell you I had to smile at your advice re taking the German's socks off. You are always too busy trying to protect your own hide. Thing are always lively on the Somme attack or not. The Germins knock the devil out of us with their artillery as soon as we take a trench from them. They don't argue the point much when you reach their trench. Just throw up their hands & cry for mercy Camrade. The Australians don't show too much mercy though. But look out then they turn every gun they have on you. Yes father we have made a name for ourselves in Australia & France in the taking of the positions we did. But what a price it was dreadful. After seeing the way they all fought for Polziers it makes you feel proud to be an Australian. We went in on Wednesday night 1050 strong the B. came out the following Tuesday night with less than 200 men. Some of the other Batts suffered worse than we did althought he 1st took the lead. I went across with the first line & kept there all through didn't even get a scratch. Although was smothered with blood & brains of my mates. Then the second line in had been in three days & about a half hour before we were to make the second attack was put out of action. Never mind I shall soon be back again for satisfaction. That is if I don't get stopped again too soon. I heard today our boys are at Yepres just

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