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with them. Won't be sorry not that I have any love for the prospect of a winter in the trenches. It is wet enough here & one that has been out in France can form some kind of an idea what the line will be like now. Some one has to do it so why not one so much as another. Fritz has to be beaten & we are going to do it no matter what we have to put up with while doing it. The Germens are not having any better time than we are that is certain. I think I told you I had fourteen days leave since coming from Hospital spent some of the time at Cambridge the remainder in London. I cant say I enjoyed myself overmuch.Amusement seems to jar on one these times. I have made a few friends across here. Some have asked me to let them know my address when I return to the line. They are going to send me a parcel occasionally. I promised Mrs Titterington ( that is where I stayed at Cambridge) to get her some views of Sydney also Australian bush scenes If you can get any decent views you might send them across to me of coarse all English people are interested in Australia now can't picture what the place is like. Well father this is just a scribble to let you see you are not forgotten. I will write again in the next few days & let you know where I am. Love to all Your sincere son Clyde
NB tell all at Marshall St also Randwick will write as soon as I get settled down.

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