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The whole journey was very pretty. I wouldent have missed it for anything. We are only about a mile from the railway station (Zeitoun) I haven't been across there yet. Have been across to Heliopolis & Cairo. There is no doubt there are some very fine buildings here. Sydney wouldent get a look in at one corner even. I can't describe what they are like. Will get some card's & send across to you. I am going to take a run out to the Pyramids on Saturday evening. We are about eight miles from Cairo. Takes about half an hour in the train, The fare is1 Piastre ½ piastre each way. that is 2nd class. They have two classes in their trains here 1st & 2nd. ½ Piastre 2nd & 1 piastre 1st. Piastre is worth 2d ½. No need to add we usually travel 2nd would go third if they had it. They have a very fine hospital here. Also have a lot of other buildings as hospitals. As you may guess there are a fair number of wounded about here. I don't think we are going to the Dardenell's have been told it will very likely be Celonica Greece. I am not troubling much where they send me either place will do me. We get practically no war news here so don't know what is going on. I think one would soon get tired of this towns there is very much of a sameness about the general life. Plenty of Can Can dances here & anything else one wishes to see. The natives does most of the cleaning up about the Camp. It is very funny to hear them. The Australians have certainly educated the niggers here. They certainly can swear some & don't forget to use it at all times. It is nothing to be passing one he will want to clean your boot's or something & refuse him he will promptly call you a (bloody bastard) or some other choice expression. They brought a kangaroo across on the boat. I believe when he was put on the wharf. I believe there wasent a nigger to see. I dident see it but I believe there was a scatter

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