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first couple of days. We have to learn the semaphore signalling also. I can tell you between the two I am having a very large time. They are both very interesting so that makes it all the better. I shall have a good deal to tell you all when I return. I wont be able to say much in my letters from now on. I haven't seen any thing of Reg. Gibson so far. Aub. Smither's & Garvin are both here. Smither's has been drafted into the 2nd Batt. & Garvin into what used to be the 4th Batt. I dare say you have all heard they are making new Batts. here. Split the first Division in halves each Batt. then built on them we have the 56th Batt. now. I am still in the 1st as you will see. It is causing a bit of bitterness among those that were left back to form the new Batts. They say it is putting a slur on them. One can understand their feeling. They have fought alongside a good few that are here & are now parted. They call us of the 1st Battt. the Dinkums & from the 53rd on the War Babies. Bert is having a good stay in camp. I hope he gets into this Batt. when he comes across.

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