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We are being given a great welcome back here by the people that we stayed with while here before. They are wildly excited when you walk in dident think they would remember any of us. Certainly there arint many left out of the old lot. But those that were here before have all gone back & seen their old billets. They are a very different class of people here to those on the Somme. Well I have had a good many letters from you lately and feel ashamed I havint written oftener but some how I can't settle to write now the same as I used to. Can't set my thoughts on anything. I havint heard anything of Jack Giles for some time now hope he hasint been unlucky I wrote him some time ago but so far he hasint answered my letter. His Regiment have been on this front for some time so I may drop across some of them. I have a chance now of seeing them all. In case Harold Arnold & all the others all are about here somewhere. If I can only drop across them. I had a letter from Nurse Hetherington a few days ago she said she was about to sail for England on the Nursing staff. I havint heard from Nurse Smithers lately the last letter she was expecting to be sent across to England with some other nurses. Havint heard whether she came or not. We witnessed a sight here a couple of nights ago that give one more heart & determination to go through with this lot. The Germins brought

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