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pretty rough time of it. It makes one very thankful to have escaped so lightly. I think I am about the last one of the old lot across here now there were a few more of them killed during the early part of this advance. The weather has been OK across here right up to the present. Of coarse we have had a fair amount of rain. But it hasent been very cold here to date Oct & Nov are usually wet & cold months. It is to be hoped it is going to be a mild winter I hope the parcel I posted you a short time ago reaches you safely. A book of Views taken behind the Germen lines. I have a few more things but shall hang on to them now & bring them home when I come I don't suppose that will be for some time After peace has been proclaimed but so long as one is sure of getting there that is the main thing. This Flu has been raging across here for some time & there have been a good many deaths from it also. I noticed by the papers it has eased a little the last few day I have escaped so far Have a cough but I think it is the affect of the gas got a fair dose the last time in the line. Saw visions of being temporarily blinded as the eyes were very sore &amp: bloodshot for a couple of day but it dident effect them. This mustard gas Fritz uses is the limit I can tell you. I dare say there are a

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