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Dear Father

Well I have made several attempts to write lately but have given it up as impossible cant set my mind to it at all. Well the day we have all been looking forward to for the last four years has arrived at last. It is very hard even now to realize that the war is all over. At present I am at a gas school going through the the coarse for the position of gas Sgt to our batn but of coarse now all that will knocked on the head.Arrived here a couple of day before the Armistice was signed. We were all allowed the afternoon off to go to Amiens. Of coarse there were some very wild scenes among the French people. I must add that Amiens isent overcrowded at the present as you know this is where Fritz nearly cut our communications in his advances. Of coarse all the civilians had to clear at the double. They are only just coming back.Those that are here celebrated the occasion as well as they could.There were crowds marching the streets with the French tricolour &and: singing

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