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the inclination to look up & scratch the head & wonder how the dickens they got the things built. I went inside the largest one. At first thought of scaling to the top to have a look round. I got up about three layers then decided to come again some other day. I cant say what the block of granite would weigh have heard they are a couple of tons each. I could quite believe it. There is an easy way up. That is the corner stones jut out & afford very good footing. One cant just step from one to the other Oh no you have to scramble a bit. They are higher than my legs would stand elevating. Well the train runs out within a couple of hundred yards of the Pyramids. On arriving at the terminus that is when the fun begins. Of coarse from Cairo you are pestered with guides wanting to show you around. Well when you get off the train you are practically mobbed by guides donkey men & camel drivers. They all want to take you some special round. I managed to battle my way through & reached the Pyramids. Here there was another batch of guides. I cleared them off also intended having a climb until I saw what an undertaking it was. Then I agreed with one to show me the inside. Thought I had done very well after arguing for a quarter of an hour on the price. I got him down from 10 Piastres to two. Well you have to go up a little way to reach the entrance to the chambers inside. On reaching the entrance you are told to take off your boots. Well I was a bit off this but decided to do so intending to carry them but was told there was an old fellow always sat

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