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well you know it isint like going to a picnic here. It isent as bad as you imagine of course the shells get one thinking of times but Oh it might be worse. We may loose our lives that is the risk we were prepared to take when we volunteered but the French are loosing lives homes & everything they posess in the invaded places. So you see we havint anything to complain of. Of course it makes one think when there are so many across here it has one afraid to come across to give a hand to keep their own roofs over their head heads but oh well be them stay they wouldint be any use if they were here There are the sort that clear & leave the line to let their mates down we are better without that sort. There are too many like that in the army as it is. I am pleased to hear Bert had been something to do away from the army He should get a better run now as for the fight with what odds what it is. I shall try to find Mr Hockmeyer's address. The name sounds German doesint it. I dare say the Aust. Red Cross will be abel to give me his address. I shall write to thank him for his kindness to Bert then I shall send this address across to you also I had a letter from Nurse Smithers last night she said it is rumeredd across there The Australians are to go back to those parts next winter. I hope she as corect shall be abel to fulfil my promise there at that [indecipherable]. But will it be necessary. From the way our fellows marrying across here it will

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