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him through the head.the machine was broken about needless to say but the engine etc were alright only the woodwork suffered of coarse there was a rush for souveniers. A couple of us tried to get his M Guns off but couldent so had to be satisfied with a piece of the webbing on the wings. Shall enclose it in a seperate envelope later. The machine was brought down on the 7th June at a place called La "Karule &amp: turned out to be one of the famous Circus sqdron, a crack Germen squadron. There is no doubt he put up a good scrap. I have seen a good few air fights but that was the best exhibition I have ever seen. I had a letter from Mrs Titterington last night has been a good while finding me she said she hadint received the views you had sent. The address is 14 Lyndewode Cambridge. I had to laugh she has a boy about twelve a very fine little chap I wrote while at Grantham &amp: said I should get hung if I was in England much longer. Then hadent written for some time so he kept asking his Mother if she thought the military people had hung me. Mrs Titterington said he was very concerned about me. Yes there has been a bit of rough going here since I came back &amp: I dare say there is worse to come but never fear I shall come out of it safe enough. You know father you are luckier than a good many others.There are only two of us across here Bert is pretty safe he will get home after it is all over. So you are sure of one of your two.We had one fellow killed last time in. There were four Brothers came across he was the third that been killed so now dont you think you are lucky. As for the fighting

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