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you are all very bitter about the conscription being turned down &amp: don't say you havent a just cause to be so. But as for it giving us a spell if it carried. Oh no it wouldent we shall get as spell when we cant hold a rifle. The Australians have too good a name for that. The way a good few look at it across here is this. If they vote for conscription &amp: Australia gets it. Well the Goverment will import coloured labour to fill the gaps. Then they say after we have finished across here we shall have to return &amp: start another war of our own. That is the reason of the No majority across here. Not that I have looked at it in that light. I voted no because I wouldent like to think I had forced any one into this game. I came with my eyes open &amp: am quite satisfied to keep going to the end. Although shall be very pleased when it is all over.Well shall change the subject. The weather is getting splendid across here now. Although we haven't done with the cold weather. March &amp: April are pretty cold months or are liable to get cold

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