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postpone his sailing for a couple of weeks as I shall be with him then.It would be splendid if we could only both get the same boat home. He may be abel to work it. I shall be out of France before the end of this month at the latest. As I am one of the next to go. There is no need to say I am looking forward to the day. It will be rather a dreary voyage across I suppose the boat will appear to crawl but so long as I am leaving France &amp: its memories behind well. What odds. But we shant talk of France there are too many sad recollections here for that. The Belgian people are splendid the treatment we are receiving from them is very different to what we received from the French. They cant do enough for one particularly the A.I.F. They think the Australian something wonderful. Have apparently been told some very tall yarns re their fighting capabilities the Australian &amp: scotties are their favourites

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