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I decided I had seen enough for that day so started back to the tram. You can see the Camp Mena) very plainly from the Pyramids it is a fairly large one also. Just where the tram is a large Hotel Mena house hotel a very fine building landed back in camp almost half past eight dog tired. On Sunday I went out to see the zoological gardins. Well they are just as fine as everything else one sees about here. They wouldint use our zoo to tip the rubbish in that is the best comparison can give you. They are also about five times as large They have a very fine collection of birds & animals all kinds there also. I saw a couple of the boats the Turks had to try & cross the Suez with they are fairly riddled with holes. I can't describe the laying out of the place as I don't know anything on the same principle. Oh but before I went to the gardens had made up my mind I would brain the first thing in the shape of a guide that came near me. I was waiting for a tram & one fellow came up. Asked if I wanted to go to the Pyramids. I immediately told him to (Ishmar Yallir) which

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