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he is not much more than a boy I should say about twenty. Told me he was studying for the Diplomatic Service. I have made friends since coming here& shall see what use can be made of them now. I met the Tittingtons through the daughter being one of the V.A.D.nurses she told me they had this German staying with them & said if ever you get taken prisoner let me know & we shall see what this fellow can do for you. There is method in their madness she said two of her brothers were fighting in France (are officers) & if they were taken prisoners they were sure this fellow's influence would go a fair way to make things a bit more comfortable for them. I shall let you know later what answer I get to my letters. I couldent help lauging when I heart Bert was a prisoner. I would have given a good bit to have seem him being marched behind Fritze's lines. I wonder if they acted the same as the Germans do when we get their hands up crying mercy Kamrads. They do look rediculously funny coming in. When they stop or hang back the man behind prod them in the seat of the trousers with the bayonet. I am glad the parcel with the mounting from the helmet arrived alright.That was my first capture & needless to say am very proud of it. I stuck to that helmet all through the fight: I could have sold it over & over again but money wouldint buy it.I wish now I had sent the whole thing complete. I had a fine collection of things when I got wounded. A bayonet & [indecipherable]

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