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Dear Father
All going first rate so far. We havent left Australia as yet as you will see. All letters censured so can't give any news oh well it is only done for our own safety so only right we should be careful. A young fellow died on the " Rouapaiu" the night before last. Gave him a military funeral yesterday evening at a quarter to four. The first one I have seen. Also the first sea burial. We were all told about the funeral so collected on deck to witness it. All boats were stopped the Rouapaiu came along into the middle. Then stopped we were too far away to see all. Saw the body carried to the side of boat in what looked like a flag. (Union Jack) Then passed overboard. There were three volleys fired after. Then the bugle sounded the last post after that all flags were dipped. Shortly after all colours were hauled down. They had a band on board you could hear them playing the dead march I suppose it took a quarter of an hour altogether.

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