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D Company
1st Batt

Dear Father
Received quite a batch of letters yesterday I hadent been getting mail except from the Miss Smithers before , But since joining the Batt we are all getting our letters. I am glad to hear all are well anon there. I am keeping just ok myself haven't had an off day since coming across. I dare say long before this you have had some of my letters I have been writing you all every week &amp: will continue to do so while we have the chance. Will write every opportunity.There isn't any need to worry am quite satisfied with things across here. I had to smile at Miss Smith wondering how we fared for darning our socks &amp: how our meals are prepared. Just tell her we have a housemaid to make our beds & a French cook for the meals, I don't think.We fare very well as regards our meals get as much as we can eat as well prepared as one can expect in camp life. I am very well satisfied with everything. If we never experience anything

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