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Norfolk War Hospital

Dear Father
You will have been notified by the military that I have been wounded again. Through the left arm this time just above the elbow was shot by a German that was supposed to be dead. Had evidently been laying in a shell hole until we passed then he caught me. Needless to say he was very [indecipherable] shortly afterward.The bullet passed through my tunic & shirt just grazing my side & caught me in the arm. Went straight through & with my usual luck hasent broken the bone. I dare say it is chipped but that remains to be seen. I haven't been under the xray as yet. Well now I am out of France I can give you a full account. The 1st Batt had been in the line only a week before supporting the 2nd Brigade while they made an attack. I was left out while they were in. It was reported they expected a bit of a chopping up as they selected sixteen from the Batt to act as instructors in the event of the Batt getting badly cut up. I was left to represent the M.G.Section. Well they had very few casualities. What they had were caused through a German aroplane coming over & dropping

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