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but. It is no wishing the job isint finished yet so shall just have to go back & carry on. There is no doubt I have been very lucky to have got off as light as I have each time. Have lost all my mates killed & returned to Australia. Was looking over a casualty list last night & saw where the last of my Rein was missing a Lt Davey. He has only had his comission a couple of months. He was a very fine chap. He came away with us as a pvt. we have been great mates all through. He comes from Ashfield. You may know him he was a great criketer and tennis player. I don't like the idea of going back again now. There will be all new faces in the Batt. I have heard our Colonial died of wounds received on the 4th Oct the day I got my issue I am enclosing a P.C. in this letter. It was taken the day after we came from Poziers last year. Just outside of Albert. They are all 1st Batt fellows & all have been killed or wounded since. There isint any of them with the Batt now. I wasint among them was laying down at the back too tired to have a photo taken even. The one marked is wearing the helmet of the mountings of which I sent across to you. I havint been getting much mail lately. Have only had one lot since leaving the Batt. I don't know how it is but all the letters

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