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were sent back. Harry had been under the Drs with his eyes so I dare say that is why he was kept back. I havent received any Aust mail for some time now. Don't know what happened to them. I dare say I shall fare better now I am settled again. Had letters from Nurses Smithers &amp: Hetherington just before coming away. Nurse Smithers was at Suez at the time of writing but expected to join her unit at Port Said any time. I am afraid she will find Port Said very different to Cairo unless it has changed since I was there. You should receive a photo about the time this letter reaches you. It is a group taken at the M.G. Depot Granthan. It will be a good souvinier should I return. I think I told you I had a card from Bert he said he had received the photo alright. I wrote the O.C. of Sloanis company asking him if there were any of his personal things about. But so far havint received any answer But I dare say they would be forwarded to you. I know he had a watch presented to him in N.Z. he said he wanted me to get should he get knocked out. Should anything turn up. Just keep them across there. I havint written any one in N.Z. have left that to you. As letters take so long to get across here &amp: I have told you all I know about him that is if the letter has reached you

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